The Public Theater

The Public Theater is dedicated to creating a place of inclusion and a forum for ideas as well as nurturing both artists and audiences alike

Ms. Tepper is Board Chair of The Public Theater.  

As the nation’s foremost theatrical producer of Shakespeare and new work, The Public Theater is dedicated to achieving artistic excellence while developing an American theater that is accessible and relevant to all people through productions of challenging new plays, musicals and innovative stagings of the classics.

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Michael Grandage Company

Michael Grandage Company is a London based production company set up by director, Michael Grandage and producer, James Bierman (both formerly of the Donmar) to produce work across all media.

Michael Grandage Company is a London based production company set up by director, Michael Grandage and producer, James Bierman (both formerly of the Donmar) to produce work across all media. Having shared a close collaboration with ATP  in the past they are delighted to continue developing their relationship in the future.

The Donmar Warehouse

The Donmar Warehouse has a diverse artistic policy that includes new writing, contemporary reappraisals of European classics, British and American drama and small-scale musical theatre.

In 2005 Ms. Tepper formed The Living Room for Artists a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization to sustain and support the Summer Play Festival (SPF) which was first presented in 2004. SPF formed an alliance with The Public Theater and had a relationship with the Donmar Warehouse through its creation of the Playwright Residency Program.

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The Dalton School

The Dalton School is an independent, co-educational day school (K-12), founded in 1919 by the renowned progressive educator Helen Parkhurst

Ms. Tepper helped to initiate a Theatre Program for Second & Third Graders at The Dalton School.

This two-semester residency is an introduction to theatre, using life skills, imagination, and curricular links to Social Studies, Literacy, and Art.

The first half of the residency includes exploration of the ways the body can move, incorporating imagination inspired body shapes, axial movement and locomotor movement. Kids begin to use their voices and bodies toward a common focus, using visual art, poetry and children’s literature as inspiration for mini theatre pieces.

The second half of the residency piggybacks on the “City blocks” project, and uses New York City as inspiration for the culminating experience: the dramatization of a New York City-themed book. Be Bop A Do Walk by Sheila Hamanaka takes the main characters through various neighborhoods of Manhattan, while Madlenka by Peter Sis is an exploration of all the various cultures surrounding the main character as she walks around her block.

In addition to the rote musicianship, and body coordination that is inherent in song and movement, this residency offers the students important life skills that transcend the study of theatre, music and dance. Responsibility for your actions and contribution to a team; diligence and hard work that culminates in goal accomplishment; application of curricula to something seemingly unrelated promotes problem solving skills; particularly intelligent students are challenged to work viscerally, while those students whose academics may be lacking tend to respond to more imaginative work, thereby gaining important confidence. As comfort levels vary, students who thrive in the imaginative find themselves becoming leaders and good examples, improving self-worth and self-esteem. All students, regardless of ability and interest, feel a boost in confidence when completing the culminating experience, as they have worked hard toward this common goal.

Other important take-aways include the understanding of stillness, quiet, and calmness as excellent ways to begin any process or activity.  The program also tries to encourage volume, slow speed, clarity and expression in solo speaking.

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The Tepper Semester

The Tepper Semester is named for its founder, Arielle Tepper, who also established the Tepper Center for Careers in Theater.

The Tepper Semester is a unique program from Syracuse University’s Department of Drama that offers undergraduate students in advanced levels of acting, directing, musical theater, design, and stage management the opportunity to immerse themselves in a rigorous artistic training program in the culturally rich setting of New York City. Designed to be inclusive, this program welcomes qualified applicants from other schools, colleges, and universities.

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Syracuse University

A design/tech theatre graduate of Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA), Ms. Tepper is passionate about promoting theater education.

 In 2001 Arielle Tepper created the Tepper Center for Careers in Theatre, a unique program of SU’s VPA Department of Drama that connects undergraduate students in advanced levels of acting, musical theater, design, and stage management while providing the opportunity to network with industry professionals. Through The Tepper Semester in New York, the program provides enables college seniors to develop specific strategies for pursuing their career goals in the entertainment industry.

She is a member emeritus of the Syracuse University Board of Trustees.

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