What Should We Do?!

What Should We Do

Arielle Tepper, an accomplished Broadway and film producer, launched What Should We Do?! in 2016 as a personalized planning, recommendation and booking service for local New Yorkers and visitors, to help make the city’s dizzying array of cultural and entertainment riches accessible and easy to enjoy to the fullest.

Arielle, along with a team of leading category experts, provides clients with real-time intelligence about what’s happening around town. The team crafts customized itineraries of curated activities, arming patrons with insider tips about how to get the most out of their excursions and save time – from when to visit popular attractions, to where to find the hidden neighborhood gems that make outings truly extraordinary – anywhere throughout the city. The team also handles any restaurant reservations and ticket bookings for maximum enjoyment and convenience.

The site functions on a personalized basis – What Should We Do?! experts work directly with members (who pay $20.00 monthly for unlimited use of the service) to help them make fully customized plans quickly and easily, informed by exclusive, proprietary research. There are no cookie-cutter itineraries, and What Should We Do?! clients have the option of reconfiguring their plans until they arrive at precisely the itinerary they want – without the time and hassle of endless searching and browsing. In essence, Arielle and her team are simplifying access to the endless opportunities that New York City has to offer – at any price point.

Here’s how it works:

Get to know your personal planner. Clients get to know their planner on a personal basis to understand what they are looking for – a night out with friends, a day with the family, or a special occasion.

We make recommendations. Whether you're a local or in from out of town, we'll tell you exactly where to go in a neighborhood you've never been to, or the perfect place to grab a drink after you've seen what's going to be the next hit show.

We send you on your way. We’ll take care of all the details, from making reservations, coordinating transportation, to booking tickets. Your planner will send you a comprehensive, personalized itinerary. And if you need to make changes or want advice while you’re out, we’re on call and ready to help.